Defrost Camera Working principle:

Through the setting of the heating control module 7, when the PTC resistor detects a temperature of 5°C or <5°C, the heating control module 7 turns on the current to make the heating film 3 start heating, and at the same time, when it reaches 80°C, it continues heating for a period of time until the heating film 3 removes the water mist and ice from the front cover 1 and the glass plate 2, and then the heating control module 7 disconnects the power supply of the heating film 3, at which point The heating is stopped and the system is not automatically activated if the detection temperature is greater than five degrees Celsius.

At this time, if there is still water mist to be removed, it can be set through the control button on a special wire, so as to achieve manual operation. The present invention solves the problem of the camera body 6 causing blurred image output due to water mist and snow ice adhering to the lens, resulting in the failure of the vehicle imaging system, which can be heated by the heating film 3 on the surface of the glass plate 2 in front of the lens in a short period of time, thus causing the ice, water and fog to evaporate quickly, and In turn, the camera body 6 can be restored to normal image output, while the control mode can also be manually turned on or automatically start and stop according to the ambient temperature.